The "Lángosautomata"

General information on the "lángos" baking machine

The "lángosautomata" is a patent registered by the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office with wide range of industrial property protection.

The inventors of the "lángos" baking machine have been driven by the objective to create a machine that allows the clean, hygienic, environmentally friendly, oil- and energy-saving, safe frying of "lángos" with the production of consistent quality. Such a method gives way to a completely novel way of frying and selling "lángos". Similar "special" dedicated machines, equipment have promoted the spread of gofri waffle, gyros, toast and hot dog all over the world.
The operation of the "lángos" baking machine is spectacularly demonstrated by the video pieces found in the video gallery.

When designing the operation of the baking machine, the inventors were preoccupied with the creation of a machine where

With respect to the use of the baking machine, the creators have considered the following aspects to be important: In view of the usability of the baking machine, it is advantageous that Advantages of the baking machine for catering units, business enterprises The "lángos" baking machine opens up huge opportunities for "lángos" to rise to the ranks of other highly popular national dishes that are widely known all over the world.

Technical specifications Purchasing, manufacturing and distribution of the "lángos" baking machine

The video shots at the website, such a prototype of the "lángos" baking machine is shown that spectacularly demonstrates the functional operation of the machine.

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